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My name is Nikka and I'm a medical student at the University of Melbourne.

I completed an honours year at the Department of General Practice in 2019, completing all subjects at H1 level, including the final thesis (87%). I offer tutoring for the following university subjects: Frontiers in Physiology (Mark: 81), Reproductive Physiology (Mark: 82), Research-Based Physiology (Mark: 87), Body, Mind and Medicine: A Dissection (Mark: 83), Genetics, Health and Society (Mark: 85) and Philosophy, Politics and Economics (Mark: 81). I also offer assistance with essays and assignments for similar subjects. Additionally, I offer GAMSAT Section II tutoring. I achieved 81 on the essay section in the March (May-June) 2020 sitting.

I have been tutoring VCE English since my high school graduation in 2015. This experience has ingrained a deep appreciation within me for the importance of respecting students' individuality whilst tutoring them. As such, my tutoring approach involves catering to the particular concerns and learning styles of each student that seeks my assistance, in order to provide them with targeted help that effectively addresses their needs.

To succeed in Frontiers, students require proficiency in far more areas than memorisation and exam strategy. With a group research poster and written assignment forming a large portion of the final mark, students require a firm grasp of the lecture content, good research skills, and most importantly, excellent communication skills. As such, the focus of my sessions will go above and beyond merely helping students consolidate an understanding of the lecture material, to ensure that we address these three additional essential skills. If there is one thing the coordinators of Frontiers (rightfully) stress, it is this: knowledge of one's field will only get a person so far if they are unable to communicate this knowledge effectively to others.

Reproductive Physiology was my favourite subject of my undergraduate degree, and the reason I picked the Physiology major. It is important to acknowledge, however, that the amount of content covered in this subject is capable of overwhelming even the most ardent and conscientious of ob/gy aficionados. As such, sessions will employ a particular focus on organisation, and ensuring that students are across lecture content in a timely manner. The regular quizzes are fantastic motivators to stay on top of everything.

For many students, Research-Based Physiology is their first look into the research process. To score highly in the subject, students need to develop a deep appreciation for the way research is conducted, and most crucially, know how to write good research/practical reports! My tuition for this subject will focus on ensuring that students become comfortable with the research process, and fine-tune their writing and research skills to be able to write a fluent, concise, and well-researched report.

BM&M was by far my favourite breadth subject of my undergraduate degree. I scored 88 on the final take-home exam, and had a ball writing it. My tuition for this subject will involve working with students to fine-tune essay writing and research skills - which are essential skills for any university subject that has an essay assessment component.

The focus of my tutorials for this subject will be ensuring that students are across the subject content, and are proficient and confident in their research and essay writing skills.

I offer tutoring (via Skype or Zoom) and online essay corrections for GAMSAT essays. My essays received a mark of 81 in the March (May-June) 2020 sitting.



One-on-one rate: $50/hour
Groups of 2+ (university subjects): $40/hour per student
Groups of 2+ (GAMSAT): $40/hour per student
Zoom/Skype tutoring: $50/hour
Online assignment/practical report/essay corrections (offered for all subjects I tutor): $50/hour of my time
GAMSAT essay corrections (via google docs): $20 per piece


- On/near campus (UniMelb Parkville)
- Online (Zoom/Skype)


English, Farsi, Italian


Nikka is a great tutor if you're looking to bump your Section 2 score up for the GAMSAT. She helps you understand what is needed from you as an applicant, helps go through a process of reflection and generation of insightful ideas that you can use throughout your essays, and is great teacher for any level of writer. Section 2 can be daunting and foreign even for experienced writers, I highly recommend her as a tutor!

Bryan, StudentVIP member
since February, 2017


Nikka was an amazing GAMSAT essay tutor, she's very friendly and approachable and is great at tutoring. I was only with her for two months but my confidence in essay writing has improved tremendously after attending her lessons. She's also easily available and is there for moral support. Highly recommend!

Marina, StudentVIP member
since June, 2021


Nikka was extremely helpful for section 2 of the GAMSAT. She provides great tips for coming up with better ideas and knows the requirements for the section well. She also provides great feedback for essays and plans.

Yaksh, StudentVIP member
since July, 2020


Nikka was an incredible help both in PHYS20009 and gamsat section 2 preparation! She has useful and unique insights from the huge amount of hard work and dedication that she has put into her own academic career. Nikka is always encouraging and supportive, even when giving constructive feedback. I couldn't recommend her more as a tutor!

Anna, StudentVIP member
since February, 2020


Nikka helped me improve significantly in Section 2 of the GAMSAT.The depth and complexity of my essays is much greater now and I have less difficulties with writers block.If you are having trouble with essay writing, I strongly recommend Nikka!

Lili, StudentVIP member
since January, 2021


Nikka is an amazing tutor! She's a positive, patient and kind tutor. Her style of proofreading is very clear and helpful! Great, affordable prices too! Can't reccomend her enough!

R, StudentVIP member
since July, 2019


Nikka is a very helpful and friendly tutor! She has helped me heaps with my essay and ensuring that I have met all the criteria as required! She has helped me heaps with generating new ideas for my essays, expanding on my existing ideas as well as helping me to edit my sentences so that it flows well. With her help, I was able to score very high for my essays!

May, StudentVIP member
since March, 2017


Nikka was my first tutor experience at university. She was really nice and enthusiastic from the jump and has been great in mentoring me through RBP. Her tutoring style is very professional and she is willing to cater the lessons based on what you need specifically. Has been very helpful and would definitely recommend!

Amina, StudentVIP member
since July, 2019


I approached Nikka halfway through the semester as I was feeling very lost and wasn't doing very well in my subject. Nikka was extremely patient and accomodating when tutoring me :) She gave me lots of guidance and reassurance all the way through till the end. I went from thinking I would barely pass to ultimately getting a H2A. I'm really grateful to have met her as she's an absolutely brilliant and wonderful person :) Would definitely reccomend her as a tutor!

Marissa, StudentVIP member
since March, 2018


Nikka is both an amazing person and an outstanding tutor. She is very professional, she tutored me for human reproduction subject and i found it very helpful! She also taught me the tricks or ways to study.

Carol, StudentVIP member
since February, 2017


Nikka was a very helpful tutor in general. She was able to provide clear and precise information ensuring that all problems were solved. Nikka also has LOTS of available difficult questions that will most definitely assist you in upcoming MSTs and exams. She is available very easily and is capable of answering questions and troubles even before the exams. Most definitely recommend Nikka as a tutor!

George, StudentVIP member
since April, 2017

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