Hi, I'm Tommy!

I'm a UniMelb student studying Science.


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Hi there, I am currently studying Medicine at Melbourne University, after graduating from Biomedicine. I have a H1 for all subjects I tutor.


I specialize in tutoring all three sections of GAMSAT. Each student receives a personalized study schedule, and a systematic approach and general advice to tackling the exam.

I provide a systematic approach for Sections 1 and 3, which can be applied for all questions and hopefully make the exam less daunting. Material will be provided.

My GAMSAT Section 2 results have both scored 71 and 72 on the two occasions I've sat it (Mar 18, Sep 18). I look forward to helping you on your essay-writing journey. You can expect from me i) essay topic questions ii) reading lists iii) individually revised essays.

Section 1 - 69
Section 2 - 72
Section 3 - 70


I tutor MMI (medical school interviews) as well. You can expect i) compiled list of practice questions ii) tailored vetting of your answers iii) structure, notes, best practices.


I majored in HSF and teach both 2nd and 3rd year anatomy. You can expect i) MCQs and SAQ practice questions ii) scheduled weekly content

BIOM20002 Human Structure and Function - 87
ANAT30007 Human Locomotor Systems - 88
ANAT30008 Viscera and Visceral Systems - 86


I work as a laboratory research assistant and am well-placed to help you with scientific report writing, researching, citing for any lab-based subjects you are taking.

You can expect i) best practices in research (software, how to) ii) writing advice. I can also help vet your applications/CV to labs/research scholarships (UROP).

BCMB20005 Techniques in Molecular Science - 80
PATH20003 Experimental Pathology - 85
BIOM30003 Biomedical Science Research Project - 90


I did a psychology breadth-track and can provide my essays and help vet your assignments.

EDUC10057 Wellbeing, Motivation and Performance - 89
MUSI20203 Peak Performance Under Pressure - 92




Tommy has tutored me for both university studies & GAMSAT. He is a very strategic tutor that provides a great mental framework for students to tackle questions. Beyond being able to provide helpful tips & tricks, he has a truly deep understanding of the subjects he tutors which is a testament to his dedication and passion for learning. This makes Tommy not only a great tutor but mentor.

Coco, StudentVIP member
since February, 2018


Tommy is a wonderful tutor that really helps you feel as though challenging work is easy and approachable. He explains things in a simple and thorough way which allows you to apply step by step procedures to every problem. I wouldn't have been so calm and ready for the exam without him!

Nilma, StudentVIP member
since April, 2018


Absolute gun. His ability to help you generate ideas and create a deeper understanding of the concepts improved my scores immensely in section 2 of the GAMSAT. Definitely worth considering.

Gabriel, StudentVIP member
since February, 2018


Tommy is an extremely dedicated and diligent tutor. He has a friendly, kind and patient personality and is very approachable. He has a deep understanding of difficult concepts, but is able to convey ideas clearly.

He has a great deal of life experience travelling around the world and in the army, so is a great person to go to for advice about work-life balance and getting the most out of your degree.

I would highly recommend Tommy for any student who wants to excel in their studies while having fun!

Timothy, StudentVIP member
since January, 2020


Tommy is one of the most motivated and enthusiastic people I know. Studying together with Tommy throughout our Biomedicine degree has been a privilege, as his warm encouragement and insightful ideas have helped me greatly. Being friendly, organised and fun, Tommy is definitely an incredible teacher, from whom anyone can find inspiration.

Jane, StudentVIP member
since February, 2017


Thomas explains concepts clearly and succintly, without confusing jargon. His experience as a trainer in the army shows in his work, and he is able to deliver content that is direct and to the point. His patient demeanour affirms his passion for teaching

Emily, StudentVIP member
since February, 2015