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Lexisnexis Questions and Answers - Property Law

C. Dow, L. Leigh

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LexisNexis Case Summaries

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Property Law

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Australian Real Property Law

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LAW1024 Australian Property Law Notes (HD)

Detailed notes on each topic with supporting cases for effective referencing in exams and assessment...

119 pages, 45656 words

Australian Property Law - Exam notes

Concise and detailed notes for Property Law. All necessary elements and topics explained in plain En...

30 pages, 9478 words

Australian Property Law

These notes are simply and clearly written for use in an exam for Property Law. They includes case...

45 pages, 17127 words

Property Law Notes

Clear and logical property law notes perect for studying or sitting an exam. Features: I develop...

106 pages, 34496 words

Australian Property Law Notes LAW1024

Comprehensive set of notes for Australian Property Law. Includes both case law and relevant sections...

98 pages, 45234 words


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