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Ethics and Governance Course Notes

Written by Stephanie

Includes every week's content in a consolidated and summarised form and case studies looked at in tu...

39 pages, 16266 words


Written by Jess

These BUSM3115 condensed notes are very clear and easy to understand. it is a clear outline of e...

6 pages, 1778 words

Ethics and Governance Exam Notes

Written by Giulia

These notes are very detailed and comprehensive. They include everything you need for exam preparati...

45 pages, 12728 words

Ethics and governance

Written by Kaylin

comprehensive chapter/lecture summaries according to what you'll need for the exam

33 pages, 13534 words

Ethics Weeks 1-11

Written by Bec

All content is based off the lecture material and weekly readings.

25 pages, 4907 words

Comprehensive Ethics and Governance Notes

Written by Vincent

A full summary of all of the chapters covered in the Ethics and Governance course with additional in...

29 pages, 7271 words


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