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I have personally taken BSB110 in 2011 (which is basically the same as BSD110) and have been tutoring this course every semester since then, the program have remained largely the same, however, I have found that a lot of the materials needed updating! For example, the program now teaches Bank Reconciliation in a different format to 6 years ago, however, you would see in some of the worksheets provided and especially in the revision paper provided at the end of the semester, that the format given is still the same as the ones in 2011 before the changes! It is even worse when the solutions are also not updated and remained the same as the old format, so students in current semesters are unable to understand where and how they have got the answers wrong or even if the answer is wrong! The revision paper, while there have been updates, remains irrelevant in quite a few topics where the focus in recent semesters are obviously not the same as it has been. I hope these problems get fixed ASAP to avoid many confusion amongst students.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2012