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HD Contract B Exam Notes

Comprehensive notes including case authorities, and red flags to consider for each topic Terminat...

34 pages, 11548 words

LAW5005: Contracts B Exam Summaries (HD) T3 2019

Notes are to be used as short form notes in the exam to refer to or check your response quickly agai...

25 pages, 13664 words

Contract B Exam Notes HD 2021

Comprehensive exam notes for LAW5005 Principles of Contract Law B including examples, introductory s...

30 pages, 11916 words

Contract B Exam Case Summaries

All the cases, concisely summarised into one document and can be taken into exams. Topics covered ar...

61 pages, 28967 words

Contract B Exam Notes

My exam notes cover all key legislations and case law. It includes all examinable topics including:...

25 pages, 7908 words

Contract B - case summaries

Case summary of all cases for contract B. This includes the topics below: 1. Termination 2. Co...

67 pages, 30000 words

LAW5005 Principle of Contract Law B, HD Exam Notes (T1 2019)

HD Exam Notes with a clear exam structure. There are also simple summaries for those leading cases...

50 pages, 15179 words

HD Contracts B Notes - Includes checklists, flow charts and sentence starters

Notes cover clear steps for answering questions, including suggested headings, sentence starters, ch...

39 pages, 14000 words

Contract B Exam Notes (Tri 1 2019)

All Topics Covered for Contract B LAW5005 1. Termination 2. Remedies for Termination 3. Frustrati...

59 pages, 19831 words

HD Contract B Notes

Detailed notes with mini case summaries for analogy (a key focus of this course). Notes are succin...

52 pages, 26005 words


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