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A comprehensive collection of case law and statutes relevant to the subject - in an aesthetically pl...

60 pages, 16299 words

High Quality 2021 LAW5005 Principles Of Contract Law B Exam Notes & Answer Guide!

Concise notes with visual cues, structured based on how problem questions should be answered! Includ...

34 pages, 17943 words

Contract Law B (LAW5005) Exam Notes

1. Termination - Termination by Agreement - Termination for Breach - Termination for Repudiation...

50 pages, 10992 words

Law5005 Contract B HD notes 83

Topics covered: - Termination: Repudiation, delay, election, restrictions on the right to terminate...

33 pages, 12481 words

LAW5005 Contract B HD Exam Full Notes

1 Termination · by agreement · by breach · for delay · for repudiation · consequences of termi...

35 pages, 12761 words

Comprehensive Contract Notes with Sentence Starters

Sentence Starters with case analogies Step by Step Answer Structure Topics covered: - Terminati...

36 pages, 13655 words

Contract Law B Case Summaries

In-depth case summaries of Contract B cases

71 pages, 28759 words

HD Contract B Exam Notes

Comprehensive notes including case authorities, and red flags to consider for each topic Terminat...

34 pages, 11548 words

LAW5005: Contracts B Exam Summaries (HD) T3 2019

Notes are to be used as short form notes in the exam to refer to or check your response quickly agai...

25 pages, 13664 words

Contract B Exam Notes HD 2021

Comprehensive exam notes for LAW5005 Principles of Contract Law B including examples, introductory s...

30 pages, 11916 words


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