Principles of Australian Succession Law

Ken Mackie

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Succession: Families, Property and Death

Rosalind Croucher and Prue Vines

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Complete Succession Law Exam Notes HD (80)

Written by Bonnie

Complete exam notes for succession law. Provides the perfect framework for an exam, essentially al...

75 pages, 45124 words


Written by Vincent

Uses tables and guided steps to explain and break down simple concepts for easy application during e...

229 pages, 80000 words

HD LAW4311 Succession Law Notes

Written by Tabitha

Topic 1: Intro Topic 2: Intestacy Topic 3: Wills & Will-Making Topic 4 – Mental Requirements For...

81 pages, 28086 words


Written by L

This set of Succession Law Notes is designed to explain to you the course to enable you to use/copy...

137 pages, 73640 words

Succession Law Notes

Written by Claire

Hi there, These are the notes that I made from the lectures and readings for Succession Law in Se...

112 pages, 51530 words

HD Succession Law Exam Notes

Written by H

Extremely detailed notes that I used in the exam to get an overall mark of 80-HD. These notes would...

153 pages, 58314 words


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Surprisingly easy for a law unit, the content is very structured, which makes answering assignment and exam questions pretty straightforward. Not hard to get a solid mark in this unit. Would for sure recommend!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020