David Hambly, Kylie Burns, Joachim Dietrich, Neil Foster

For sale by AC for $40

Federal Constitutional Law

Sarah Joseph, Melissa Castan

For sale by Caitlin for $50

Butterworths Questions and Answers: Torts

Paine, T

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Torts A - Principles Book

Written by Adam

A clear, concise and thorough companion for those studying Torts A. This book not only explains e...

98 pages, 32967 words

Torts A - Exam Flow Chart

Written by Adam

Monash University LAW2201: This thorough yet concise set of notes clearly enunciates all principl...

10 pages, 6038 words

Torts A Summary Notes

Written by Tristan

Summary notes for the following topics: Torts to the Person, Control and Protection of Goods, Righ...

47 pages, 13596 words

Torts A Short Exam Notes

Written by Jonathan

Short exam script-like notes, very structured, walk you through the way to respond to a problem ques...

34 pages, 10639 words

Torts A Summary Notes

Written by Jonathan

These notes are accurate and direct, including summaries of principles and cases with Judge's commen...

83 pages, 28536 words

Torts A Principle Case Summaries

Written by Malcolm

Brief Summaries of All Torts A Cases; Facts, Decisions, Judgments and Important Obiter Dicta's.

58 pages, 15530 words

Torts A Summary Notes

Written by Malcolm

Comprehensive Summary of All Principles, Tests and Legislation for Torts A (LAW3301).

47 pages, 9932 words

HD Torts A notes

Written by Carmen

HD notes for Torts A. Includes brief case summaries.

115 pages, 25133 words

Torts A - Case Book

Written by Adam

Monash University LAW2201: An in-depth analysis of all 125 cases in Torts A, this book comes comp...

84 pages, 31166 words

LAW2201 Torts A Notes

Written by Georgia

Monash University LAW2201 Torts A Notes: Includes: - Common Elements - Torts to the Person -...

44 pages, 24164 words


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Joanna Kyriakakis is the best! Despite the fact she made the subject enjoyable, the content is very interesting and not overly difficult, making it a pleasant unit.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015