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David (Ed) & Finkelstein Hamer (Ray (Ed)), Ray Finkelstein, David Hamer

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Foundations of Law

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Foundations of Law

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Foundations of Law

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Foundations of Law

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Foundations of Law

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The New Lawyer

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Mastering Law Study and Law Exam Techniques, 9th Edition

Richard Krever

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Written by Rosini

Comprehensive notes formulated from both lecture materials and textbook readings. Notes are set out...

26 pages, 8221 words

LAW1111 Unit Notes

Written by Laura

My notes are a mixture of textbook readings and lecture content. The first half of my notes (Weeks 1...

22 pages, 7954 words

FOL Exam Summary Notes

Written by Tom

Comprehensive summary notes for the FOL exam. At time of publishing, results were not released. B...

9 pages, 3588 words

Foundations of Law (FOL) Full Semester Notes

Written by Paige

Topic 1: Introduction and overview Topic 2: The Australian Legal System Topic 3: Working with Case...

64 pages, 16623 words

LAW1111 Foundations of Law Exam Notes

Written by Jason

I brought in these FoL (LAW1111) notes into my exam to use. Being quite comprehensive with clear he...

8 pages, 3848 words

LAW1111 Foundations of Law Essay Exam Notes

Written by Jason

I brought in these FoL notes into my exam to use. Being quite comprehensive with clear headings into...

14 pages, 6788 words

Foundations Of Law HD Statutory Interpretation Notes

Written by Iris

HD notes on statutory interpretation methods learned in the unit. Important summary guide to use in...

15 pages, 5027 words

LAW1111 Full Semester notes

Written by Lucy

Comprehensive notes from LAW1111 compiled from lectures, textbook readings and supplementary materia...

59 pages, 20418 words


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A decent introductory unit. Ross Hyams was engaging and delivered the content well, but the content was really boring. It’s obvious why it’s compulsory, but maybe it should be combined with the equally boring LAW1112.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

Quite a dry unit, but it does teach you the basics you will need for you law degree/career. Includes a take-home exam. Taught seminar style. Not overly interesting but can see why it is necessary.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018


Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Found the feedback for the essay was not very useful and she marked me lower for referencing because her own mistake and not my own... poor marking. Content was structured with Fiona but still difficult to follow. She will also scare the shit out of you as a tutor, so be warned... The mid semester multiple choice test was ridiculous. the timed type of test does not demonstrate my learning. 60 questions in 50 minutes is extremely difficult when the questions are so long!!!!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

Course was a mess. Learnt nothing apart from how to research. Peter Sallmann was a horrible lecturer. If you have the chance avoid him! He doesn't know the course and can't teach. Really tough marker as well. AVOID at all costs!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016