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IMM2022 Notes

Written by Alina

Detailed notes, divided into 11 topics, summarising both the lectures notes and other resources from...

102 pages, 26537 words

IMM2022 Notes Part 1 (HD)

Written by Bridget

Lecture objectives, notes and revision material for IMM2022. There are two parts to the notes. This...

24 pages, 5803 words

IMM2022 Part 2 Notes (HD)

Written by Bridget

The following information contains lecture objectives, notes and material for exam and tests used. T...

33 pages, 6744 words

IMM2022 Notes (HD)

Written by Dan

Hey guys, If you've checked out my other notes - you know the drill. If not, welcome! These no...

43 pages, 6488 words


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Really great unit. Not too much content and the lectures went into detail and explained it everything really well. Tutes were just time allocated to completing the assignments which was really helpful in keeping on track and keeping in touch with group members. Assignments were fairly straight forward and easy to do well on if you put the effort in.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

Great subject and different from IMM2011 as in it doesn't seem as full on, more applying what was learnt in 2011 to diseases etc. Only down side is no practical classes and more assignment and group based.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

I did this unit following IMM2011 and it is quite different than that. So in this unit, you have the freedom to explore whatever field of immunology you want, because that is what your major assignments as well as the majority of the exam will be based on. However, the assignments are majorly based on group work, therefore it can be a problem if your group doesn't perform well over all. Lastly, the exam was quite fair and if you have studied well enough and performed well in the assignments (you get to choose the topics for 2/3 essay type questions in the exam. These topics can be the same as the ones you did in your in semester assignments).

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015

This unit really allow you to explore immunology in the context of health and disease, there was a lot of freedom to choose what to learn which I really enjoyed. The assessments were really good and the exam was fine as long as you studied

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2013