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FIT1051 Notes

Written by Harrison

These Java notes explain the basics of the Jave programming language and general programming fundame...

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FIT1051 Exam Revision Notes

Written by Shannon

Full detailed notes on all the topics covered in FIT1051. I tried to explain everything as best I co...

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A K M Safat

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Okay so getting the good out of the way... the head lecturer Nawfal Ali is amazing and super passionate about the subject, knows his stuff really well and keeps tutes interesting when he goes to them. The content itself also isn't too bad and interesting to learn. But wow my WAM is gonna hate me for doing this. The non-exam assessment is this frustrating weekly struggle to keep up with. 3 assessable items EVERY WEEK and 2 hurdles EVERY WEEK. It's horrible. So this is how its worked for me thus far: Pre-reading quiz, due every Sunday. Started out okay, but now they've become ridiculously tough to pass: trick questions, 6 or 7 multi choice options, answers to questions where it says "try coding this yourself!" except you'd have NO IDEA how to code it unless you're already a Java genius since it hasn't been taught yet. So then you're stuck googling around for half an hour trying to find how to do it. Assuming you pass this (since its a 50%+ hurdle to get this next item): workshop quiz. Don't get me f***ing started on this. Its an 8am COMPULSORY lecture with a quiz that you're given basically a 20 minute time window to complete on Moodle, since the questions themselves aren't shown on Moodle but on the lecture slides. So someone like me who has to work until 1am most sunday nights can say goodbye to 10% of their grade just like that. Labs. Admittingly the saving grace for my non-exam grade at the moment. However they seem so pointless - I learn nothing by doing these since all of them work off some strange, complex template with a bunch of classes that displays a GUI to work in. I wouldn't have a clue how to code a Java program from scratch tbh and we're already almost halfway through the semester. (also - don't go to the tut for that week and you won't be able to get this mark either. The tuts are basically an hour wasted since its just repeating the content of the monday lecture with some "class participation") Unless this subject is compulsory for you - just avoid it. The hit you will take to your WAM (unless you make much more time than expected for this subject) is just not worth it. Just teach Java to yourself with youtube tutorials or something... definitely what I wish I did.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019

March Cheong is one of the best lecturers for IT. He puts in a lot of effort and is super passionate in teaching. Get ready for free chocolates throughout the semester.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

March Cheong puts in a lot of effort and is super passionate in teaching. If you don't like analogies, Taylor Swift and old memes. Good luck

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016