I'm a Monash student studying IT.


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I am a recent Bachelor of IT graduate, majoring in Software Development & Computer Network and Security with an HD average. I am currently doing my Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence.

I have been tutoring on StudentVIP for the better part of a year and a half now and have done many informal tutoring sessions in the past. I love being able to help fellow students overcome roadblocks, knowing full well how devastating it was to stand before what seemed like an absurd amount of materials to catch up with.

I excel in teaching students who are new to programming and IT concepts and are having difficulties in understanding materials both theoretical and practical. Many first year students have come to me having very similar problems with IT units, so I have developed a knack for teaching these materials, which will hopefully put you back on top of your unit!

If you are interested, we can have a short talk prior to our tutoring session so that we can set expectations as well as discuss the topics that you have difficulties with. My hourly rate is $30 for one student, and $40 for groups of two and more people!

I only put units that I did well and periodically review, as I would only teach units that I am confident I can help my tutees learn new things. So you can be assured that I will have prior knowledge on the topics that you need help with.


English, Bahasa Indonesia