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Currently in my last year at Monash University taking Bachelor of IT, majoring in Computer Networks...


Simple but engaging unit, love how you can use concepts learned in the unit in our future jobs (excel). You basically won't be lying on your resume if you say 'proficient in excel' as the unit really goes in-depth regarding the program. The only issue was that when I needed help from people running the unit, it seemed like they didn't want too or didn't know how too. I felt like the head lecture was the only one who knew how to code in VBA, which was kind of weird. I wanted help in a lab and the tutor couldn't help me at all, and just kept telling me to follow the steps. I ended up not finishing the task in the lab and finished it afterwards releasing an obvious mistake I made where anyone could have spotted it out. Overall, good unit, interesting but needs a bit more engagement by the people running the unit.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020

Content was relatively straightforward. VBA coding is a lot simpler than most other coding languages. Assignment 2 was a lot of work, but otherwise, no complaints!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019