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Analogue Electronics - Complete Course Summary Notes with Examples (HD)

Written by Finn

Comprehensive, textbook-style summary notes with an emphasis on explanation and neat formatting. Eas...

104 pages, 10600 words


$35 per hour

I am a Mechtronics Engineer. I have a honours bachelor's degree from Monash University in Mechatr...


A continuation of first year electronics. Starts off quite easy but gets more difficult very quickly... Studying is a must in order to stay on top. It is difficult, however, as the only other assessment aside from the exam are the labs, which are not really relevant to the content in the lectures at any given time and are very easy to pass with full marks if you 'make friends' with the demonstrators. In this regard you are left underprepared for the exam, which, while multiple choice only, is extremely difficult.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014