Human Embryology and Developmental Biology

Bruce M. Carlson

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Human Embryology and Developmental Biology 5e Student Consult

Carlson, Bruce

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Developmental Biology

Scott F. Gilbert

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Developmental Biology

Scott F. Gilbert

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DEV3011 Some notes + Practice Questions

Written by Zainab

Includes notes from lectures 1-3, 9-12 and 23. Sorry- I did not make my own notes for some lectures...

41 pages, 10307 words


Written by Mitchell

This document contains all the information required to score a HD for the exam and overall BMS3042 u...

9 pages, 1600 words

DEV3011 - Comprehensive Exam Notes

Written by Ali

This document contains comprehensive exam notes covering all major topics from DEV3011. It's easy to...

19 pages, 5245 words


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The subject material is pretty good. Well rounded syllabus. However, the lectures are quite boring most of the time. There is a lot of material to remember and lots of concepts to understand, Have to admit that the practicals were really good. This is one subject you really need to keep on track from week one. If you fall behind its hard to learn everything in a short time. The staff is very friendly and will help if needed. You will have to do this unit if you are completing a major in DEV at Monash. If you are thinking if selecting this as an elective, I'll recommend you think twice whether you are ready to do all the work. The unit is not too bad but not really good either.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017