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BMS 2031 Lecture Notes (HD)

Written by Chloe

Summarized lecture contents, step-by-step explanation of physiological processes, and clearly-labell...

100 pages, 19259 words

HD BMS2031 Notes

Written by K

Comprehensive BMS2031 notes containing everything you need to know for the mid-semester test, labs a...

113 pages, 18472 words

BMS2031 Subject Notes - Learning Objective Summaries

Written by Josie

Thorough but concise notes on each of the learning objectives for Body Systems - separated into each...

66 pages, 13500 words

HD BMS2031: Body Systems Lecture Summaries

Written by Elli

A collaboration of notes I summarised and condensed into 'BMS2031 Lecture Summaries' using informati...

18 pages, 15486 words

BMS2031 Notes

Written by Maria

These are profound notes for lectures 1-12 of BMS2031 Physiology. They combine together the notes fr...

53 pages, 9249 words

BMS2031 Notes

Written by Nicole

This is a comprehensive 132 page document listing ALL information provided by the lecturer and lectu...

132 pages, 18837 words

Respiratory Physiology

Written by Milica

A comprehensive 47 page summary on the function of the lungs following lecture objectives outlined i...

47 pages, 10112 words

Cardiovascular Physiology

Written by Milica

A comprehensive 49 page summary of lecture objectives outlined in Monash University's BMS2031. Topic...

49 pages, 9164 words

Reproductive Physiology

Written by Milica

A comprehensive 16 page summary on concepts reviewed in course BMS2031 related to male and female re...

16 pages, 3186 words

Gastrointestinal Physiology

Written by Milica

32 page summary of gastrointestinal physiology based on lectures and textbook resources specific to...

32 pages, 7001 words


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Good unit! Not content heavy at all and the tutorials are amazing help!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

A straightforward and well-organised unit. I found the textbook useful when preparing for the short-answer component of the mid-semester test and the exam.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

Great unit! Julia Choate is amazing. The lectures are well-organised and so are the labs. Vander's (the textbook) is really useful but not necessary as the lecture notes are sufficient.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015