The Handbook of Credit Risk Management

Sylvain Bouteille, Diane Coogan-Pushner

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BFF3841 HD Mid-semester Test Notes + Tutorial Question Assistance

Written by Joseph

These notes were created to help summaries important information regarding the Test assessment for B...

6 pages, 1263 words

HD Exam answers + Revision notes - ALL Graphs/Charts included!!

Written by Eliza

Scored an HD with 30 mins to spare on final exam only using these notes! Notes and answers are fo...

29 pages, 7956 words

Credit Analysis Complete Exam Revision

Written by Euwyn

A complete and concise summary of the theory part of the syllabus for finals (covers everything exce...

16 pages, 7025 words

BFF3841 Mid-Sem Test HD Answer Template

Written by Eliza

Score an HD for this test using this easy-to-memorise template of answers and instructions!! Mid-...

5 pages, 2566 words

BFF3841 Credit Analysis Exam Notes

Written by Joseph

Detailed weeks 5-11 notes made to help prepare for the exam

39 pages, 12500 words

Revision Notes + Tutorial Answers

Written by Kit

These Revision notes combines the lecture notes with the summaries of important readings from the bo...

24 pages, 11800 words

BFF3841: Credit Analysis and Lending Management Exam Notes

Written by Jake

Exam notes for BFF3841. Includes diagrams.

44 pages, 11756 words


Written by Jennifer

Summary of Week 1 - 12

40 pages, 12187 words

BFF3841: Chapter 13 Mitigating Derivative Counterparty Credit Risk

Written by Ashton

Notes concerning the chapter of "Mitigating Derivative Counterparty Credit Risk"

7 pages, 2168 words

BFF3841: Chapter 14 Structural Mitigation

Written by Ashton

Notes concerning the chapter of "Structural Mitigation"

8 pages, 2120 words


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