Foundations of Finance, Global Edition

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Foundations of Finance, Global Edition

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Foundation of Finance

Arthur J. Keown John D. Martin J. William Petty

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Foundations of Finance, Global Edition

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Foundations of Finance

Arthur J. Keown

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BFF1001 HD Weekly Summary Notes

Written by Catherine

Extensive weekly summary notes covering topics: - Financial Systems - Central Banks - Time Valu...

75 pages, 17029 words

HD Foundations of Finance Summary Exam Notes BFF1001

Written by Ben

These notes summarise the topics assessable in the final exam for BFF1001 - really helpful for exam...

14 pages, 3062 words

Foundations of finance summary notes

Written by Lizzie

These notes cover ALL topics covered in finance, from weeks 1-12. They summarise lectures, readings...

25 pages, 5126 words

Foundations Of Finance Notes

Written by Bella

Thorough notes on all 10 topics covered throughout the semester. Topics 1 - 5 very helpful for the...

47 pages, 9896 words

BFF1001 HD comprehensive course units

Written by Jessica

Contains comprised course notes from lectures, textbook and further research completed. Comprehens...

68 pages, 14086 words

BFF1001 Foundations of Finance Practise Questions Template HD

Written by Ruby

These notes contain a number of questions I formulated myself, directly from the subject notes for t...

11 pages, 421 words


Written by Ruby

These are a conclusive, thorough set of notes that will help you complete the Foundations of Finance...

53 pages, 14855 words


Written by Tom

VERY VERY VERY USEFUL everything you need is here!

62 pages, 18893 words

BFF1001 - Foundations of Finance - Comprehensive Notes

Written by Justin

Comprised of lecture notes, textbook notations, comments from seminars and further research, this se...

50 pages, 13250 words

Comprehensive Foundations of Finance Notes

Written by Sarah

Notes covering all topics 1 through 12, compiled using notes given out via moodle, examples from cla...

89 pages, 23001 words


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I did about half the unit but when the seminars are three hours long and your tutors don't use it effectively, then the unit gets pretty difficult especially because there's so much they expect you to learn.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016