Douglas C. Kimmel, Rosina Mladenovic, Chrisann Palm, Donald E. Kieso, Paul D. Kimmel

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ACF1200 Summary Notes

Written by Hannah

Comprehensive yet concise summary notes of the ACF1200 course 2019, Semester 1. Organised by eac...

14 pages, 4739 words

Accounting for Managers (ACF1200) Notes

Written by Belle

Notes are based on weekly readings, modules and workshops and cover the following topics: 1. Introd...

42 pages, 12235 words


Written by Amy

These notes took a long time to perfect. They cover absolutely everything to ensure you get the best...

69 pages, 17287 words

Accounting for Managers ACF1200 Complete Subject Notes

Written by Alexandra

My notes cover all information assessed in the mid-semester test and final exam. They cover content...

85 pages, 15348 words


Written by Tahlia

Financial ratio analysis table of the 12 financial ratios taught in the unit. Includes name, descrip...

2 pages, 600 words

ACF1200 Acc. for Managers: Exam Summary Notes (HD)

Written by Aeryn

Made summarised notes from the textbook, workbook and SCORM modules. Notes are from Weeks 7-12 (c...

18 pages, 5607 words

Accounting For Managers - ACF1200 Final Exam Notes HD

Written by Ruby

These notes are an excellent summary of all material covered on the moodle online lessons, weekly wo...

29 pages, 8884 words

Accounting for Managers notes

Written by Emily

all notes included

66 pages, 5000 words

ACF1200 Accounting for managers notes

Written by Maddi

The comprehensive notes I have created for ACF1200 are highly organised, concise and colour-coded, w...

48 pages, 19167 words

ACF1200 Accounting for Managers notes for entire course

Written by Vivien

Contains complete set of notes over the learning period for the entire course including formulas and...

88 pages, 20000 words


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boring subject. assessment is of no use. Group assignment was the worst. The unit is so unorganised. Needs to have lectures instead of stupid animated videos

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

most bloody boring subject but i found the system of weekly workshops enjoyable because it meant more chances to chat and way easier to ask for help if required because it allows plenty of time with tutors

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

New unit means that haven't really gotten anything down pat just yet. Lecturer changed midway during the semester; Eli was fantastic, John not so much. Tutors are pretty meh and I get the feel they go off the worksheets. Modules are easy to fake doing as homework. Concepts (and memorising info) are pretty hard if you don't have previous accounting experience, but it's doable. Just try and do the best with what you have.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016