Accounting Information Systems, Global Edition


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Accounting Information systems 14e

Marshall B Romney & Paul John Steinbart

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Accounting Information Systems


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ACC2400 Accounting Information Systems HD Summary notes

Thorough summary notes covering all topics from the unit. All diagrams, tables, and example question...

50 pages, 14002 words

ACC2400 Notes (93% mark)

These notes were carefully crafted and used throughout the semester and the final exam to score 93%...

26 pages, 3766 words

Accounting Information Systems Full Notes

Covers all weeks, both the AIS and the FM aspects. Notes cover tutorials, lectures and readings....

38 pages, 12764 words

ACC2400 Comprehensive Notes

These notes cover everything required and is a combination of both the lectures and textbook. ACC240...

73 pages, 19165 words


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Decent subject. Scored a 93 HD really easily. Only downside is that this subject didn't have homework questions. That would have helped a lot with the learning. Group assessment was easy, individual excel assignment was super fun and a little challenging and exam wasn't too bad.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

Had an amazing tutor who taught the subject very well and provided a lot of feedback and help. Subject focused mainly on excel and taught me a lot on accounting processes focusing on computer based systems.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018