Management Accounting

Kim Langfield-Smith, Helen Thorne, David Alan Smith, Ronald W. Hilton

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Management Accounting

Kim Langfield-Smith, Helen Thorne, David Alan Smith, Ronald W. Hilton

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ACC1200 Notes

Written by Georgia

ACC1200 Notes for entire course! Organised week by week Super easy to follow & understand...

50 pages, 13386 words

ACC1200 HD 90 notes

Written by Georgia

HD 90 notes!! Topics covered: Introduction to accounting and business making decisions Business...

115 pages, 5617 words

HD ACC1200 Notes

Written by Phoebe

All these notes have been collated from the online lectures and the textbook. VERY comprehensive and...

44 pages, 11214 words

Accounting for Managers (ACC1200) - Course Notes

Written by Stefano

Extensive notes collated from textbook readings, tutorials and lectures from Week 1 to Week 12. In...

32 pages, 8162 words

Accounting for managers

Written by Lizzie

These notes cover all topics (w1-12) studied in class, and are based on the online modules and works...

71 pages, 16288 words

ACC1200 Summary Notes

Written by Michelle

TOPICS COVERED Week 1: Introduction to accounting and business decision making Week 2: Business St...

69 pages, 25488 words

ACC1200 Summary Revision Notes

Written by Sophie

This covers 12 weeks of content and is organised according to everything labelled as necessary for t...

26 pages, 6445 words

Summary Notes

Written by Jess

concise summary notes of module materials and readings from the textbook

86 pages, 37500 words

Exam revision notes

Written by Nikou

Includes, exam content, areas of focus for exam and detailed summarised notes for all 12 topics.

32 pages, 8222 words

ACC1200 Notes

Written by Matilda

Clear and succinct, yet comprehensive, notes covering all content, organised in week order. Easy to...

26 pages, 6905 words


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The subject deals with introductory managerial accounting core concepts and leads to the understanding of complex financial scenarios by developing expertise of the subject. I recommend to go through the text book, lecture slides and exercises besides tutorial questions.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Content is quite easy but the delivery of it and the structure isn't too great. Summed up pre well below. Can access the pdf file for the textbook from the library website which saves $60 and google is a lifesaver. The assessments are pretty weird although the quizzes and in-class tests weren't ridiculously hard and you can achieve a pass without a huge amount of work. Reflective notes were stupid but if you get what they want you can get an alright mark. End of unit exam was actually quite straightforward although we weren't given any resources to practice, so make sure you take half decent notes.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

The content itself isn't that bad but the structure of the subject is terrible. Instead of the regular tute/lecture this subject has a 3 hour work shop that rushes through content so much you don't learn anything. Most of the learning is done with online modules that take 2-4 hours to do and a pdf textbook that costs $60 with no hard copy available (you literally have to pay $60 for a file, a file in which division and multiplication signs are left out of crucial formulas). This textbook also has no solutions to any of the questions and the chief examiner didn't provide us with a single practice test for the 2 mid-semester tests nor the exam. The quizzes each week are terrible because of the wide variety of questions giving some people really easy quizzes and others really hard ones which is not fair. You also have to write 3 reflective notes for this unit which are by far the worst form of assessment because they ask you to explain how accounting changed your life as well as write down content. They give you only 200 words to do it in and then mark you down when you don't explain enough. Furthermore, apparently the people who run this unit are too incompetent with technology and force you to print every assignment you hand in which by my calculations, is a waste of approximately 4000 sheets of paper for nothing. All in all, just do financial accounting because it's a lot less hours and a lot less inefficiency and stupidity.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

The above comment pretty much (vulgarly) sums up my problems with this unit. Although the content is very interesting, I find that the testing methods implemented are not an accurate way to test student ability. I hope they make the exam better and more straightforward than the mid semester test.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

In Semester 1 2016 apparently 'too many people passed'. So this semester, they have decided to f*** it up by making the mid semester test insanely difficult. And according to John Gerrand (unit coordinator), the exam isn't going to be any easier. What's more, the unit coordinators decided not to standardise the marks of the mid semester test after AROUND (IF NOT MORE) THAN HALF OF THE COHORT FAILED (including myself - a straight HD student on a scholarship. Not meaning to brag at all, but if someone of my work ethic and academic capability failed, then there is definitely something wrong with the unit). The purpose of university is to educate the future generation, not deem them as worthless beings who should be treated like garbage (which I'm pretty sure 90% of the cohort would prefer being treated like that than they way the unit coordinators have treated them so far). Message to future students - if you are considering doing ACC1200 to dodge financial accounting... DON'T. This is what I did and so far, it has been the biggest regret of my semester

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016