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Cover of Human Resource Management
Human Resource Management 978-0-07-802925-7

Authors: Noe, Raymond

2 weeks ago
$25 Save 85%
Cover of Project Management
Project Management 978-0-07-128752-4

Authors: Clifford F. Gray, Erik W. Larson

1 month ago
Cover of Exploring Corporate Strategy
Exploring Corporate Strategy 978-0-273-71192-6

Authors: Gerry Johnson, Kevan Scholes, Richard Whittington

1 month ago
$60 Save 100%
Cover of Marketing
Marketing 978-0-7339-7577-6

Authors: Philip Kotler

1 month ago
$60 Save 56%
Cover of Accounting
Accounting 978-0-470-81675-2

Authors: John Hoggett

1 month ago
$40 Save 72%
Cover of Accounting for Business Decisions
Accounting for Business Decisions 978-1-121-06574-1

Authors: Potter / Sivabalan

1 month ago
$60 Save 56%
Cover of International Marketing : Asia Pacific Edition
International Marketing : Asia Pacific Edition 978-0-17-023787-1

Authors: Czinkota, Michael

1 month ago
$50 Save 62%
Cover of Consumer Behavior
Consumer Behavior 978-1-133-43521-1

Authors: Hoyer, Wayne D.

1 month ago
$50 Save 73%
Cover of Principles of Marketing
Principles of Marketing 978-1-4860-0269-6

Authors: Gary M. Armstrong, Stewart Adam, Sara Marion Denize, Philip Kotler

1 month ago
$50 Save 63%
Cover of Managerial Economics
Managerial Economics 978-1-118-80894-8

Authors: William F. Samuelson, Stephen G. Marks

2 months ago
$50 Save 75%
Cover of Oxford Textbook of Orthopedics and Trauma
Oxford Textbook of Orthopedics and Trauma 978-0-19-262681-3

Authors: Christopher Bulstrode

3 months ago
$500 Save 63%
Cover of Management Accounting
Management Accounting 978-1-76042-040-6

Authors: KIM. LANGFIELD SMITH, Langfield-Smith et al, David Alan Smith, Paul Andon, Ronald W Hilton, Helen Thorne

4 months ago
$110 Save 31%
Cover of The Chessmen
The Chessmen 978-0-85738-225-2

Authors: Peter May

4 months ago
Cover of Modern Statistics Pearson Original
Modern Statistics Pearson Original 978-1-4860-0701-1

Authors: Middledorp

4 months ago
$50 Save 27%
Cover of Understanding Company Law
Understanding Company Law 978-0-455-23216-4

Authors: P. Lipton, A. Herzberg, Michelle Welsh

4 months ago
$20 Save 86%
Cover of Management Accounting: Information for Managing and Creating Value
$25 Save 83%
Cover of Company Law Perspectives
Company Law Perspectives 978-0-455-23375-8

Authors: Michael Quilter

4 months ago
$15 Save 87%
Cover of Human Resource Selection
Human Resource Selection 978-0-538-46994-4

Authors: Feild, Hubert S.

4 months ago
$25 Save 81%
Cover of Organizational Behaviour
Organizational Behaviour 978-0-19-960309-1

Authors: Daniel King, Scott Lawley

4 months ago
$15 Save 84%
Cover of Environmental Law: Text, Cases & Materials
Environmental Law: Text, Cases & Materials 978-0-19-927088-0

Authors: Elizabeth Fisher, Bettina Lange, Eloise Scotford

4 months ago
$15 Save 82%
Cover of Employment Relations
Employment Relations 978-1-74307-013-0

Authors: Mark Bray, Rae Cooper, Peter Arnold Waring, Johanna Macneil

4 months ago
$20 Save 85%
Cover of International Human Resource Management
International Human Resource Management 978-1-107-66954-3

Authors: Mustafa F. Özbilgin, Mustafa Özbilgin, Dimitria Groutsis, William Harvey

4 months ago
$10 Save 89%
Cover of Trading and Exchanges
Trading and Exchanges 978-0-19-514470-3

Authors: Harris, Larry

5 months ago
$50 Save 61%
Cover of Laying Down the Law - 8th Edition
$50 Save 46%

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