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Cover of Inclusion in Action
Inclusion in Action 978-0-17-025744-2

Authors: Phil Foreman, Michael Arthur-Kelly

1 month ago
$50 Save 63%
Cover of Basic Business Statistics
Basic Business Statistics 978-1-4886-1724-9

Authors: Mark Berenson, David Levine, Kathryn Szabat, Judith Watson, Nicola Jayne, Martin O'Brien

2 months ago
$55 Save 61%
Cover of Microeconomics
Microeconomics 978-0-17-038009-6

Authors: Lionel Edwin Frost, Peter Schuwalow, John B. Taylor, Akila Weerapana

2 months ago
$60 Save 65%
Cover of StudyOn Chemistry 2
StudyOn Chemistry 2 978-0-7314-0451-3

Authors: Robert Stokes, Wan Ng, Angela Stubbs

3 months ago
$10 Save 87%
Cover of StudyOn Chemistry 1 & eBookPLUS
StudyOn Chemistry 1 & eBookPLUS 978-0-7314-0418-6

Authors: Taylor, Neale

3 months ago
$10 Save 88%
Cover of Longman Atlas
Longman Atlas 978-0-12-360518-4

Authors: Malcolm Stacey, Brian Ralph

3 months ago
$10 Save 74%
Cover of Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology
Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology 978-0-321-50589-7

Authors: Frederic H. Martini, Judi Lindsley Nath

3 months ago
$180 Save 57%
Cover of Pathophysiology
Pathophysiology 978-0-7817-6616-6

Authors: Carol Mattson Porth

3 months ago
$125 Save 50%
Cover of Concise Australian Commercial Law
Concise Australian Commercial Law 978-0-455-23090-0

Authors: Clive Turner, Roger Gamble, John Trone

3 months ago
$30 Save 72%
Cover of The Clinical Placement 2e
The Clinical Placement 2e 978-0-7295-3958-6

Authors: Levett-Jones, Tracy

3 months ago
$15 Save 67%
Cover of Clinical Psychomotor Skills
Clinical Psychomotor Skills 978-0-17-018273-7

Authors: Joanne Tollefson

3 months ago
$75 Save 65%
Cover of Fundamentals of Nursing (Aus)
Fundamentals of Nursing (Aus) 978-1-4425-0471-4

Authors: Audrey Berman, Kozier & Erb, Barbara Kozier, Glenora Lea Erb

3 months ago
$15 Save 70%
Cover of CP1087 - MMM343 Business Ethics
CP1087 - MMM343 Business Ethics 978-0-17-038498-8

Authors: O. C. Ferrell, Linda Ferrell, John Fraedrich

3 months ago
$40 Save 65%
Cover of ORGB  : Asia Pacific Edition
ORGB : Asia Pacific Edition 978-0-17-018497-7

Authors: Wright, Sarah

3 months ago
$20 Save 75%
Internal Control Procedures 978-1-76073-084-0

Authors: Matthew Fawcett, Lee Homewood

3 months ago
Cover of PP1097 - Government in a Market Economy
Crossing Boundaries in Public Management and Policy 978-0-415-67824-7

Authors: Janine O'Flynn, Deborah Blackman, John Halligan

3 months ago
$60 Save 77%
Cover of Ford, Austin and Ramsay's Principles of Corporations Law
Ford, Austin and Ramsay's Principles of Corporations Law 978-0-409-33838-6

Authors: Robert Austin, Ian M. Ramsay, Harold Arthur John Ford

4 months ago
$45 Save 73%

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