Teaching in Inclusive School Environments 2nd Ed

Roselyn Dixon, Stuart Woodcock, Kathleen Tanner, Leanne Woodley, Amanda Webster

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TEP248 - key competencies in inclusive education

All lecture topics covered in a coherent and simple form, material was also elaborated on with vario...

39 pages, 7450 words

Lecture Notes and Readings

Contains notes for every lecture excluding information regarding assessments. Readings are mostly in...

61 pages, 12615 words

TEP 248 In-Class Quiz Notes

*Completed Session 3 * In-class quiz notes: - Summaries of key points in lectures - Definitions...

15 pages, 1749 words

Key Competencies in Inclusive Education

Great last minute study notes. Includes all lectures and readings within the notes. Easy to navigate...

30 pages, 1400 words


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Taken in Session 3, 2017. The final 2 weeks of the course contained a 30% quiz, a 30% assignment and a 40% exam. The content is well organised and challenging enough that you pay attention, but please take my recommendation to take it in a full session if you can. Spread out you'll barely feel it, it's very relaxed, but as long as the assessment remains chunked this way in the S3 format you are not going to be able to perform to your potential without choosing a sacrifice.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Stuart is honestly one of the best tutors/lecturers I've ever had! He makes the most difficult content easy, and ensures you'll graduate with relevant inclusive knowledge.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

Great unit, learnt a great deal about how to include all students in lessons and how to differentiate activities.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2014