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This subject is good if you have a serious invested interest in the environment. The topics in the first 5-6 weeks are very difficult to understand as they go into depth of historical sciences and how they influenced the views on the environment. It is very truncated and heavy work for the first few weeks but the topics from week 6 onwards are elective topics or something such as water usage and extinction which are very interesting to learn about and relevant in today's outlook of the environment. The lecturers, to be honest, are not the greatest as they just read off the paper but they do discuss a lot of information by organizing in that way. The discussions and assignments are interesting and relevant but the first weeks really drain you from doing things because of their density. Overall if you have a passion for the environment and enjoy a bit of hard history and science this is probably a good choice for you. The marks are relatively easy to gain by just attending the lectures (compulsory) and tutorials and paying average focus hahahaha.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018