Essentials of Research Design and Methodology

Marczyk, Geoffrey R.

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Essentials of Research Design and Methodology

Marczyk, Geoffrey R.

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HD (87). PSYU3351 Research Methods in Psychology. Detailed Notes

Hey! Thanks for checking out my notes. If you decide to purchase them, I trust they'll be very us...

60 pages, 17529 words

PSYU3351 - Research Methods in Psychology Notes

PSYU3351 Notes Summarised notes based on Lecture content. Great for Exam revision and revision th...

27 pages, 10613 words

HD Research Methods in Psychology Lecture Notes

Comprehensive, high quality and detailed lecture notes for PSYU3351, for weeks 1-13. Lecture not...

34 pages, 13173 words

PSYU3351 HD Summary Notes

High quality summary notes covering all examinable content; collates both lecture and reading materi...

31 pages, 11471 words

HD PSYU3351/PSY351 Lecture, tutorial and weekly reading summaries

Highly detailed summaries of lectures, tutorials and readings - I have placed them into tables and d...

55 pages, 23000 words

Psy351 Notes

These cover material from Weeks 1-13.

49 pages, 20000 words

Research Methods Exam Notes (HD)

These notes are comprehensive and concise, covering all content (lectures, tutorials and readings),...

21 pages, 9000 words

Research Methods in Psychology notes (DISTINCTION)

These notes are extremely comprehensive, covering lecture notes, tutorial notes and discussions and...

71 pages, 19828 words

Research Methods Final Exam Notes

Lecture and Tutorial content - Weeks 1-13 Easy to follow and divided by topic :) Topics - Sc...

26 pages, 8622 words

Research Method Mid-Sem Notes

Tutorial and lecture content summarised with examples and revision questions made by me. Concise, ea...

10 pages, 4018 words


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This unit is one of the harder ones. Actual lecture content is very easy but the assessment and exam content requires then that you have a highly sophisticated understanding of it. Worth paying a lot of attention, listening to lectures lots, and speaking to your tutor frequently to ensure you understand the niche things behind the assessment. Get a tutor if you can too!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018