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PSYU2248 Design and Statistics II exam cheat sheet

Cheat sheet used for the final exam. Very concise summary of concepts covered over the whole semeste...

6 pages, 3132 words

PSYU2248 cheat sheet

I recently completed psyu2248 and received a good mark for it. I ended up achieving 80% in the final...

4 pages, 3531 words

PSYU2248 Design and statistics II STATA commands and summary notes

Summary notes from the whole semester (weeks 1-12). STATA commands colour coded to stand out. Includ...

19 pages, 4833 words

Design & Statistics II PSYU2248

Lecture notes from weeks 1-12 Includes fromulas Topics: Correlation Simple linear regression Mu...

20 pages, 3499 words

HD (94) Design and Statistics Summary

Hey! I made this booklet to take in with me to the open book exam for PSYU2248 at Macquarie (MQ)...

32 pages, 6692 words


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Actually not as bad as I was dreading as someone who's horrible at math! The unit content was organized well and the concepts explained nicely. However, the content is still pretty tough and requires you to actually watch all the lectures and understand them properly. Forever grateful for being allowed the cheat sheet :,)

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2023

Statistics is terrifying to me, but I ended up doing pretty well for this unit. Although the 3 hours of lectures each week was super brutal for my non-maths brain, my saving grace was how well Alissa is at explaining abstract statistical concepts in the first half of the semester. I've never learnt anything stats-related easier than when she was doing the lectures! She's super passionate about it all and explains it so, so clearly. Unfortunately, the second half of the semester was more difficult to keep up with because they switched lecturers, and while the second lecturer was lovely and obviously knew her stuff, the formulas were explained as-is without really linking back to the previous concepts we had learned. Thank god this was an open-book final exam or I would have been screwed for any topics after week 7.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021

I love Alissa and the content for the first half of the semester was manageable. However, Lilly (2nd half) was hard to understand and focused heavily on hand calculations without really explaining what the relevance of the calculation was in relation to the bigger picture. My understanding of the content for the first half of the semester felt thorough, however, my understanding of content for the second half felt very patchy and incomplete. Additionally, it’s AT LEAST 3 hours of lecture content each week which becomes difficult to sit through as the semester continues.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021

Lectures were placed well in the first half of the semester - but the last half of the semester seemed rushed with factorial ANOVA concepts smashed into a couple of lectures. The lecturer was also not the best at speaking clear English making understanding processes even more difficult. The assignment was marked by your tutor (which sucked because my tutor was a harsh son of a b), other tutors were very generous with their markings I heard

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021

Lectures were fine until ANOVA. I understand it's a difficult concept in it's entirety but the way it was taught from the inception of that part of the course was very disorganized and there were often errors on the slides that had to be later corrected. Not to mention there's often 3+ hours of lecture content every week! Assignment seemed to be marked pretty generously, with the majority getting Ds and HDs, but keep in mind this is only 30%. Thank goodness the final is an open-book exam or it would have been even more of a tragedy.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2021

The notes for sale on this page don't have the correct Stata commands for factorial ANOVA..

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020

The lectures were very disorganised and difficult to follow. They also provided the incorrect information throughout the semester, which led to our hand-calculated formulas consitently coming up with incorrect p-values. I found youtube videos, Khan academy and LinkedIn learning to be more useful in learning the concepts in this course.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019