Biological Psychology

James Kalat

For sale by Lily for $50

Biological Psychology

James Kalat

For sale by Jenny for $120

Sniffy: The Virtual Rate Lite

Alloway, Wilson and Graham

For sale by Georgia for $35

Sniffy the Virtual Rat Lite, Version 3.0 (with CD-ROM)

Alloway, Tom

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The Essentials of Conditioning and Learning

Domjan, Michael

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Biological Psychology

Kalat, James

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Biological Psychology

Kalat, James

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Sniffy the Virtual Rat Lite, Version 3.0 (with CD-ROM)

Alloway, Tom

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The Essentials of Conditioning and Learning

Domjan, Michael

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PSY236 Weeks 1 - 10 Complete Notes

Written by Justin

Covers All Material from Weeks 1 - 10. In-depth notes for each topic and refers to all theories for...

43 pages, 9230 words

Psy 236 Lecture Notes

Written by Tashi

Lecture Notes from week 1-6

53 pages, 11641 words

PSY236: Biopsychology and Learning Notes

Written by Anjali

Lectures from Week 1- 13 consisting of learning and biopsychology topics and tutorials. Includes tab...

67 pages, 21280 words

Psy236 Course Notes 2017

Written by Tashi

Lecture notes for weekly topic with text book inclusions and diagrams.

124 pages, 26400 words

PSY236 Biopsychology/Learning Colour Coded, Pictures, Diagrams, MindMap Revision

Written by Claudia

Lecture and practical notes as well as mindmap exam revision Grade: HD

64 pages, 30044 words

PSY236 - Biopsychology and Learning - Entire Course

Written by Madeline

Simple and easy to read outline of the entire course including diagrams

33 pages, 11441 words

Learning Notes

Written by Isabelle

These notes only include the Learning component of the subject. They are easy to follow and I includ...

19 pages, 5224 words

Biopsychology Lecture Notes

Written by Isabelle

I absolutely loved diagrams, tables and photos to help me explain this content. If you are a visual...

88 pages, 12227 words

PSY236 Biopsychology component

Written by Chiara

Biopsychology is not an easy unit. These notes provide in-depth explanations of the biopsychology le...

68 pages, 14607 words

PSY236 Learning component

Written by Chiara

Concise notes detailing everything you need to know for the learning component of PSY236!

70 pages, 17479 words


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High content, some background in biology would be a help with this subject. But very interesting and well-delivered content. They take time to walk you through everything that could be complicated, and provided you do attend tutorials and listen to all the lectures, it's not impossible to do well.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

The biopsychology element of this unit can be quite challenging, but it was super interesting as well!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

Loved this subject. I have always been a sworn anti-science student but I really surprised myself throughout undertaking this course with my excellent marks. What made this subject enjoyable and of ease? The convenor/lecturers of course. Shout out to Dr. Cornish and Dr. Miller - if only they convened/lectured my other psych. units too!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

First half of the semester focuses on Biopsychology, which mainly focuses on the brain anatomy and neurotransmitters. If you've done biology in High school, then this goes into more detail. In the second half of the semester, it focuses on Learning and Conditoning using Sniffy the Rat program (in labs) where you get to test the Conditioning situations (Classical, Operant and other related stuff like Extinction). It's interesting but you may get bored waiting for the program to run.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2014