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POL306 Policy-Making in a Global Era Notes

Written by MimiK

These POL306 notes contain a combination of summaries of the: 1) Weekly lectures; 2) Weekly tuto...

59 pages, 12801 words

Policy Making in a Global Era

Written by Aleksandra

Thorough lecture notes taken from each lecture throughout the semester. Helpful in understanding the...

27 pages, 10096 words


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Whilst this unit is informative and probably useful for those graduating into policy, it was not interesting. Tutorials were spent watching group presentations about topics based on overly complex readings- very tedious way to spend two hours. Just read off the slides rather than going to lectures. Assignments were hard because they were based on the readings which were difficult to understand even after having them explained in the lectures. Topics were overall simple, yet the way the concepts were presented and how you need to relate them to the readings made this unit difficult.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018