International Relations

Stephanie Lawson

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POL279 Notes - Summary of every lecture!

Written by Bridget

I would have done anything to have found a concise set of notes like this when I was completing this...

21 pages, 9059 words

International Relations- POL279 (Distinction grade) notes, detailed and organised

Written by Melanie

These are exceptionally written and formulated notes for International Relations (POL279 at Macquari...

21 pages, 5568 words

Lecture Notes Week 1-11

Written by Tori

Complete lecture topic notes required for exam.

75 pages, 25772 words


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Great unit but to be honest the lecturer and the way he delivers his classes are extremely unprofessional. There is no guidance what so ever. My self and other students in my 2015 cohort found it rather hard as there is no lecture slides and the tutorials are practically the same as attending a lecture. There is no interaction in the class room or online what so ever. Terrible lecturer! He does not even help his students and marks assessments quite harshly!! Macquarie definitely needs to revise this unit!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015

Heavy going and no modern history ideology will change my views on the way this subject is delivered - especially with a lack of modern technologically advanced electronic communications . Had no choice as it is a requisite subject for my cohort's major. Some students were undertaking it for their 3rd and final attempt in 4th and fifth years of double degrees, despite this being a second year subject - says it all. MACQ needs to look at the delivery of this compulsory subject as it's costing students major fees to keep repeating this!!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015

Interesting course content, but no lecture slides, tutes are practically another lecture and essays are marked hard.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014