PHL132 Unit Reader - Happiness, Goodness and Justice

Macquarie University

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Doing Philosophy

Clare Saunders, Danielle Lamb, David Mossley, George MacDonald Ross, Julie Cross

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PHL132 Happiness, Goodness and Justice

Department Of Psychology

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Currently doing this unit in Session 3, so I'll update this later! So far I'm really enjoying it! Easy to get participation marks, easy relevant quizzes, FANTASTIC first lecturer (the Welsh one- changes later throughout) because he spoke in such a charismatic way and passionately like a stereotypical philosopher (in a good way). The content is interesting too!! Sure, there's a wide diverse range, but the essay at the end allows you to focus more narrowly on some, in the end. There's a sample refection task earlier on (honestly i was slightly uncomfortable with it because it's first-person, so i felt like i was whinging more than writing well ahaha. I ended up changing it last minute, so I was content in the end. Ill let you know if it's marked easily or harshly).

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019

Such a beautifully organised and interesting unit. I personally was interested in philsophy and was a perfect unit that summarised all the key points! Only 3 assessments, 1 of which is class participation. Final essay was not too bad and the lecturer uploads exemplar essays and assignments so it is all VERY guided. Ended up getting a HD on this unit!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

Well organised unit but I found the weekly readings to be abstract and difficult to understand. This would be better suited for students in third or fourth year.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

I took this unit in session 3 and it was such a good experience. Some of the readings were challenging, but they were very helpful for the quizzes and the class discussions. As long as you keep on top of the readings, the classes are fun and the content is interesting and the assignments are also interesting.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

I really loved this unit. I did PHL132 for my designated people unit and I enjoyed it very much. There are weekly readings provided in the Unit Reader, going to the lectures are pretty important because often the lecturer will explain in lengths about more difficult readings, that will come up later on during the semester. My tutor Toshiro was very organised and made sure the tutorial was interactive so it's not hard to achieve a good tutorial participation mark at all, because everyone will talk. That being said, you do have to prepare for classes with readings and questions. Make sure you've been to the lecture beforehand or at least watched it online. The assessment workload is easy and there is no exam. The last assignment is an essay. Overall it's not hard to obtain a D/HD in this subject at all.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015