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When I started the unit, I was worried that I wouldn't understand the complicated topic of neoliberalism, however, I surprised myself by picking this topic for the final essay. Each week would involve at least 2 readings, and they are quite long (20 pages each - highly academic in structure and wording). Halfway through the unit, I didn't like my chances of doing well, but in the end, the results were quite high. If you have picked this unit, I would recommend sticking to it. If you are like me and learn visually, you can always watch youtube videos that explain theories better. Neoliberalism: Look up the Balloon demonstration. Thank me later.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019

I actually quite liked this unit, mainly because Rachael was a fantastic lecturer and tutor. It is a general media unit, mainly looking to things like the audience, globalisation, consumption, ownership among others. The online responses were a bit of a pain, and the unit was heavily reading focused, but if you enjoy media then this will definitely tickle your fancy. I definitely learnt alot in this unit, and the unit was structured in a way that flowed really well - each week followed after each other and everything was related in many ways! This made the unit quite easy to follow and the final essay easy to do as well! But this might be bad if you are prone to missing lectures, as I can imagine feeling quite lost in the later weeks if I had missed the first couple. If you can, try and get into Rachael's tutes as I ended up changing out of Pat's to have her - Pat was so boring and dry, while Rachael was amazing!!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019

A standard general media unit. Different theory topics every week, a couple smaller assessments throughout the semester, essay at the end, no exam. Wouldn't advise as a general elective for non-media students, unless media really interests you. Not hard, and interesting here and there, but a bit dry.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

This is a pretty confusing unit. I mean, its easy to get marks in but overall I found the content bland and not super interesting. The essay is also quite a bit of work, so start early. I also didn't like the structure of the participation marks - one of my friends was told that just by attending the class she will get full marks, however, my tutor was more unfair and favoured a particular group of students, not letting others speak and earn the full marks. If you get a fair and nice tutor then yeah this unit is ok.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

An interesting class which provides a broad introduction into media in Australia but also media in general. I learnt a lot of versatile information in this class which I was able to use in real life and which also helped me greatly with other classes. High marks are easily attained with good attendance and a good attempt at all assessments, the assessments were some of the easier ones I've had to complete compared to other classes. I also luckily had a very helpful and friendly teacher.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015