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Ling289 Notes

Written by Jessica

Includes notes from wks 1-10 (remaining weeks don't have lectures but are used to work on assessment...

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I empathise with what others have said about Dana Skopal - I believe she has good intentions but perhaps this form of teaching isn't well suited to her. My other tutor - Christine Joyce - was amazing! An absolute blessing, with genuine concern for her students and her effectiveness as a teacher - she clearly wanted to support us to do well. However, the assessments tasks presented in this unit came with little guidance as to what is expected (considering they were not just standard essays) and marking was harsh, with often little feedback given to help us improve for future studies. The level of understanding expected in this unit was completely unreasonable considering there are no prerequisites. Finally, although I understand and support the intentions behind using a "flipped classroom" format of teaching, I believe we all would have benefited from regular lectures which explain and break down the complex content presented to us in difficult weekly readings (which also were the only source of content besides some 2-3 min videos and were meant to provide us with all the necessary info for assessments - spoiler: they didn't).

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

Dana Skopal is the worst tutor i have ever had, don't take this subject. She is unhelpful and pushes her paper down your throat as if she is God. She will berate you for not having the same knowledge as her. don't recommend

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

Boring content that is easy to understand but is incredibly hard to illustrate in essays and the final assessment (video). Tutor confessed that they hold us to a standard as if we completed the first year linguistic units even though majority of people have not. Unhelpful tutors (Dana Skopal) that berate you for not having their level of understanding. Common consensus throughout the class that the tutorials and content is boring. Assessments are broadly defined and structured and marked very harshly. Would not recommend this at all... if you have to then goodluck.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

I initially thought this unit would be boring- but I was wrong. The content taught was engaging and the lecture was presented online in a good set up to ensure you stayed focused. Would recommend this unit. No final exam or in class participation mark too!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017