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Complete Exam Notes Covering Entire Semester

Written by Nom

Thorough notes prepared for the LAWS803 Contract Exam -- contains summary of cases from the prescrib...

36 pages, 13636 words

LAWS803 Contract Law Notes - Full Semester

Written by Meagan

A very thorough and detailed set of notes for Contract Law, for the full semester. Contains detaile...

32 pages, 10052 words

Complete Contract Law Notes

Written by Bob

Comprehensive and throughly referenced contract law notes prepared using Peter Radan's Contract Law...

43 pages, 13738 words


$45 per hour

BPSY LLB (Hons) Law tutoring at a University/tertiary level up to practising standard. Elevate y...


Peter Radan is a great tutor and knows his stuff well. Granted, his classes are a bit scary, as he cold calls and puts students on the spot. He'll also make you sweat it out if you don't know the answer. But this fear of embarrassment motivated me to stay on top of my readings every week! And he was extremely organised. The lectures were very well structured and easy to follow. He was also funny, helpful, and approachable. The only downsides were the Socratic method and that sometimes he was a bit too pedantic. Other than that, I found the course really useful and enjoyable.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017