Civil Procedure

Sonya Willis

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Criminal Laws

Professor David Brown

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Civil Procedure

Sonya Willis

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Civil Procedure

Sonya Willis

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Civil Procedure

Sonya Willis

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Criminal Laws: Materials and Commentary on Criminal Law and Process of New South Wales,

Brown, Farrier, McNamara and Others

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Civil Procedure

Sonya Willis

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Civil Procedure

Sonya Willis

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Civil Procedure

Sonya Willis

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Distinction Grade - Combined Textbook & Lecture Notes

Written by Jessica

These notes are organised, colour-coded, and easy to understand. They cover the complete semester of...

138 pages, 43973 words


Written by Joseph

- These notes are mainly comprised of the lectures but it is also comprised of extra material that t...

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LAWS398 - Comprehensive Notes

Written by Bri

Structured and comprehensive notes on both the Criminal and Civil procedure. Perfect for the quizzes...

183 pages, 79762 words

LAWS398 Civil Procedure Notes

Written by Maddie

Detailed notes on the Civil aspect of LAWS398

58 pages, 28156 words

Civil and Criminal Procedure Notes

Written by Luca

Extensive weekly notes based on lectures and some tutorial questions. Mostly useful for the Civil c...

20 pages, 10083 words


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BPSY LLB (Hons) Undergraduate Law units: - Foundations of Law - Contracts - Criminal Justi...


Zara and Sonya were brilliant for this unit. What I loved about it especially, is how work friendly the classes offerings were during the semester. I was able to go to class after work. Sonya is a great lecturer except she's death by powerpoint. She gives you a lot of practical advice. The assessments are relatively evenly weighted so it's no difficult to get a distinction. I passed the unit well before the final exam.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

Unit is structured really well. Sonya and Zara are excellent convenors who genuinely care about everyone doing well in the unit. I particularly enjoyed Sonya's half of the semester on civil procedure. Her experience in the area of civil procedure was evident and her real-life examples really completed the theory. Delivery by both convenors was clear and concise. My only gripe with the unit were the Friday quizzes which were only open for 24 hours. It would have been great to have them available to complete all week with the same 1 hour time limit.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

Zara and Sonja were both really good in this unit. The course was well structured and the content interesting. The way that the assessments are set up takes off the pressure of having to perform in a heavily weighted exam as in some other law subjects. Zara in particular is clearly very supportive of external students which is really refreshing.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017