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LAW465: Dispute Resolution Textbook Notes

LAW465 notes taken from required weekly readings from textbook. Comprehensive, detailed notes.

68 pages, 29271 words

Exam Notes (Weeks 1-13)

These notes comprise material from lectures, textbook and other activities (videos/readings) require...

61 pages, 26506 words

LAWS465 - Comprehensive Notes

Structured and comprehensive notes on dispute management and resolution. Perfect for the assignments...

46 pages, 13746 words

Dispute Resolution Weekly Textbook Readings

Concise notes getting the exact wording and terminology required to be utilised by student that woul...

40 pages, 9682 words

Go to Guide on Negotiation

This document summaries how to negotiate. It explains negotiation strategy and provides a negotia...

3 pages, 714 words


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To be sincere i find anything legal related to be very simple. This subject was one of the many law subjects that I have found to be very direct despite numerous complains from my fellow students. All I can say is that it requires concentration and lecture attendance

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Not bad overall. Easy and practical content. Not too much content or readings. But marking is fairly harsh so difficult to get a D/HD. Final assessment was a multiple choice which was far too specific on topics we had brushed over. Felt like what we were tested on wasn't actually things we had learnt.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018