Principles of International Law

Stephen Hall

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Principles of International Law

Stephen Hall

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Principles of International Law

Stephen Hall

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Principles of International Law

Stephen Hall

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International Law

M. Rafiqul Islam

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International Law

M. Rafiqul Islam

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International Law

M. Rafiqul Islam

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Principles of International Law

Stephen Hall

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Principles of International Law

Stephen Hall

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Principles of International Law, 5th Edition

Stephen Hall

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LAW459 International Law Full Course Notes

Written by Oliver

Full week to week notes, including cases and summaries etc for LAW459

40 pages, 12000 words

Weekly Textbook Readings

Written by Sonam

Concise textbook notes that helped me complete both the mid-semester and final assignment successful...

32 pages, 16159 words

Mind-Map of Exam Issues with full reference list

Written by Ivana

Notes for exam prep include: 1. Overview of exam issues Taken from class work and own-study outl...

8 pages, 2801 words

LAW 459: International Law Textbook Notes

Written by Amy

Notes made from textbook weekly readings. Includes topics 1 (Introduction) to 11 (ICJ and Interna...

79 pages, 40484 words

Lecture Notes

Written by Harriet

My notes are very detailed, and provide all the relevant information needed for this unit. I also us...

42 pages, 24484 words

International Law Final Notes

Written by Dusan

Well detailed and described final international law notes.

34 pages, 12529 words


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Content was alright. Tutorials were well run. Don't understand why the lectures are prerecorded from 2012. Seems like we're wasting $1200 and not getting much from it. Lecturers voice will put you to sleep but at least it well structured. Make sure to have a very good mark going into the final exam. Huge amount of questions in the exam to do in three hours and had to fully cite everything which seemed excessive and pointless (what does being able to cite in an exam test??). Generally okay.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

As a politics major, studying a combined Arts/Law degree; some of the topics interested me such as war law, international criminal law, international responsibility etc. while others were taught rather dry and tediously such as treaty interpretations, declarations, articles. The major issues: 1. Roy Baker, the convenor did not bother doing live lectures and recorded lectures from 3-4 years ago making some students wary and raise concerns about the outdatedness of the material as well as a reflection of the laziness of the covenor. 2. The convenor, Roy was unfriendly and unapproachable. His announcements and assessment instructions on ilearn always seemed to have a grim, annoyed tone as if we'd already done something wrong or he couldn't trust us to follow the rules. There was a lot of content and while interesting, the problem questions in the course and the assessments were extremely detailed and lengthy i.e. 5-6 page long hypothetical scenarios! with a lot of issues to discuss. The marking for the problem question mid-semester assessment was fair, but there wasn't a lot of guidance as to how to answer the question and the feedback was mostly generic. The final exam was a three hour take-home and very difficult due to the short-time frame; as the hypothetical scenario was again very long and detailed and there were too many questions to be answered as well as the requirement of full AGLC3 citation, it was essentially the same format as the mid-semester problem assignment but instead of being given two weeks we got 3 hours to do it, not to mention a strict word limit which is difficult to edit through when you only have a short timeframe. Anyone whose done an international law unit will know the citations are a nightmare and can take several hours just to prepare a few and make it pristinely perfect. Prepare citations beforehand as you won't have time in the exam

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

Lucky to again have had Prof Islam as lecturer/convenor and Shafiq as tutor in this subject. Had both for LAW460 last year.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015

The textbook is very useful for this unit as the lectures are heavily based upon the textbook content. The information was not very clear or easy to understand. The assignment questions I found to be vague and misleading and I didn't find that there was a great deal of academic support for this unit despite the tutors obvious love for international law. The unit definitely needs some improvement.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014