Australian Constitutional Law - 9th edition

Jennifer Clarke. Patrick Keyzer. James Stellios

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Winterton's Australian Federal Constitutional Law Commentary and Materials

Peter Gerangelos, Nicholas Aroney, Simon Charles Evans, Sarah Louise Murray, Patrick Emerton, Adrienne Sarah Ackary Stone

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Blackshield and Williams Australian Constitutional Law and Theory

George Williams, Sean Brennan, Andrew Lynch

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Winterton's Australian Federal Constitutional Law

George Winterton

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Law Brief Constitutional Law


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Blackshield and Williams Australian Constitutional Law and Theory

George Williams, Sean Brennan, Andrew Lynch

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Principles of Australian Equity and Trusts, 3rd Edition

Peter Radan, Cameron Stewart

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Constitutional Law

Matt Harvey, Michael Andrew Longo, Julian Ligertwood, David Babovic, Darren Parker

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Winterton's Australian Federal Constitutional Law

George Winterton

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Blackshield and Williams Australian Constitutional Law and Theory

Anthony Roland Blackshield, George Williams, Sean Brennan, Andrew Lynch

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High Distinction (85%) Quality Constitutional Law Notes

Comprehensive notes for Constitutional Law (LAW314). These notes cover ALL lecture and tutorial c...

55 pages, 47081 words

Constitutional Law Notes (Complete Set Including Cases)

These notes include the following: - Key principles - Historical developments - Tests to apply in...

99 pages, 31743 words

Constitutional law detailed notes

These very detailed notes got me an HD in the final exam. Lots of cases and legislation. Topics: e...

37 pages, 15000 words


Detailed notes highlighting fundamental principles and case law, covering: Week 1 – Introduction W...

131 pages, 54333 words

Constitutional Law Notes (Exam Summary/Test Application)

This is a summarised outline of the core topics in Constitutional Law. There is a table dedicated to...

21 pages, 3594 words

LAW314 HD Constitutional Law Summarised Notes

LAWS314 HD Constitutional Law Summarised Notes Achieved total mark of 87 (High Distinction)....

13 pages, 2120 words

LAW314 - Comprehensive HD Notes

Structured and comprehensive notes on Constitutional Law. Perfect for the weekly tutes, assignment a...

156 pages, 54344 words

Full Set of Constitutional Law Notes

A comprehensive set of Constitutional Law notes derived from lectures, textbook and seminars.Is sort...

120 pages, 49850 words

Constitutional Law - Distinction Grade - Final Exam Notes

These notes are organised, colour-coded, and easy to understand. They are super helpful for the fina...

11 pages, 2770 words

LAW314 Con Law Full Semester Notes

Week to week summaries of all lectures, including cases and examples for LAW314.

77 pages, 24000 words


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Really good subject and content was a bit tricky but interesting enough to make the struggle work it. Jemimah was a fantastic tutor.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

Interesting subject. It is definitely overwhelming trying to wrap your head around concepts, but rewatch the lectures if necessary, consult textbooks and notes and it will start to make sense and all fit together. The essay was nice and broad with a reasonable word count to demonstrate your knowledge. Lucas has really great concise notes. Without the notes I would definitely have been a lot more lost! Overall, this subject provided a better understanding of key legal concepts and issues.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Markers seem to think this subject is still jurisprudence. Major emphasis on construction of arguments and grammar compared to actual research and content within essays. Essays are marked harshly. Tutorials were very well run by Lucas, he brought a lot of concepts together well and ensured students understood. Lectures were long and dragged every week. Overall, not bad but not great.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Very difficult subject. They expect a lot. Lectures were long but were fine. Content can get dry in some sections of the course.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

There is a lot of content to get through. I had 3 or 4 lectures covering different areas of constitutional law a week. The lecturer is good, except I found that they made learning the content more difficult than necessary. I wrote out every lecture and found that most of the time whatever it is they were trying to say could have been said in a much simpler manner. The tutorials are good exercise for the exam. If you have Jeffrey as your tutor you are set. He was so helpful and easy going. Extremely approachable and took the time to answer everyones questions even if it meant staying behind after class for 15-20 minutes. Overall it is a good unit that is delivered well and interesting. Give it the time it deserves and you will like it too.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

A very thought-provoking subject, really helps to establish a deeper understanding about the way in which our country and government has developed and how it continues to evolve in response to changes within Australian society.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016