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I had the lecturer as my tutor. Some of the words she uses have a strong accent, so you might need to hear her use the word a few times to realise what she's saying but she is very knowledgeable and pleasant. Her lectures ALWAYS start 5 minutes before the hour - the recordings start when shes halfway through a sentence and has probably already said something important. This made it difficult for me as I had a class very far away directly before the lecture and even if I left 15 minutes early I still barely made it / didnt make it. The unit had a reader which is a compilation of printed journal articles and book chapters. Most are relevant and interesting and directly helpful for the assessments and understanding content that might be skipped over quickly in the lecture. There were two presentations to do - if asked to run the class / do a 'seminar' on a weekly topic DONT RE EXPLAIN CONCEPTS but just organise activities for the rest of the class to do. she didnt make this clear but criticised everyone for not approaching it that way. the final presentation is all about creativity and logic to make a pr campaign. Overall a fun unit - my group was very helpful so it could be made significantly more difficult if you cant organise group meetings or have deadweight in your group.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019

Fairly easy and interesting subject. A little disorganised, could hardly hear/understand the tutor. Interesting group project. Lots of group presentations

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

I found the content to be interesting at times. HOWEVER, the lecturer was unorganised at times and would not really explain concepts just sort of assume you knew and move one quite quick. NOW my main problem with this unit was my tutor. The group project is quite a bit of work and if you have good group it will be alright. But, my tutor, who was good at explaining concepts, would go on tangents and was honestly quite rude to students during presentations. He will put you on the spot for little, stupid remarks and waste time during class. Make sure you prepare yourself before class to ensure you are on top of everything.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017