The Double Disguise by Maria Edgeworth

Maria Edgeworth, Ryan Twomey

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The Fire Eaters

Almond, David

For sale by Georgia for $10

The Wee Free Men

Terry Pratchett

For sale by Georgia for $10


Full glossary pages needed for exam + set texts

5 pages, 1500 words


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This subject was really fun! However it is a lot more work than what you may think if you judge it off the title alone. You might think Children's Literature is simple, but its not that simple. Also, you need to be organised with all the primary readings that you need, so I would suggest getting your hands on those books earlier. It's a fun subject and easy to follow otherwise. I also think I learnt a lot about visual language which I wasn't aware of before. I have been able to take the knowledge I have learnt in this subject, into my other English subjects

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019