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I wish I could give this unit 0 stars. Worst IT unit you will ever find in the IT department at MQ, guys. Never think of doing it if you don't have to. FYI, although initially it didn't have quite many students at all compared to other IT units, students kept dropping out of it from week 1. Both lecturers are boring and don't seem to care about what they teach. While 1 lecturer basically does nothing but reads the slides and laughs in every lectures, the other one just fills lectures with anecdotes. Don't believe anything they say in the unit guide as that is just horrible PR. All the unit itself is just about rote memorisation and how well you make things up, nothing practical at all. Beware of the 30-page report where you are supposed to write out something that you yourselves don't want to see it ever again. Also, no revision at all is provided. You basically have to revise a huge amount of dry knowledge from week 1 to week 13 for the final exam, not to mention a lot of notes from the practicals. The worst thing is that in the final exam there were things that haven't been discussed anywhere in the unit, further indicating that they don't have any intention to educate but just want you to fail the unit. What's more, you are expected to write a short essay in the final exam covering 1 of the many case studies in the lectures, which further worsens the situation given how ineffectively they are delivered. The unit name is "Software Engineering" but I don't think it will ever contribute to my future career at all. If the IT department wants to prepares students for the future, they will really have to do something with this unit. I hope they won't let this unit ruin the overall quality of the whole department at MQ.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019