Introduction to Biotechnology

William J. Thieman, Michael Angelo Palladino

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Molecular and Medical Biotechnology

Written by Connie

Covers all thirteen weeks; two lectures of one hour per week. Concise yet covers all important topic...

19 pages, 4500 words


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Last year Biological Sciences student at Macquarie with an excellent GPA (6.72 out of 7.0) and 4+ ye...


Amazing unit that goes throughout many different topics related to biotechnology. There's no lack of variety in both the subjects and lecturers. The practicals are fun, though as groups are quite large you can sometimes feel a bit lost, and there's plenty of waiting time. The final exam is hard, and it's worth a lot, so you better prepare your knowledge of the topics and your writing abilities for it!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018