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okay. Acing the quizzes will go a long long long way for this subject so i would recommend attempting all the sheets of work they give you prior to taking the quiz during your tutorial time!!! I personally found the majority of the pre-labs challenging so i would recommend slotting your tutorials before your practicals so that you can get help with it from tutors. Although i only attended 1 session during the semester, attending PAL sessions are the best way to get prepared for the exams (mid and final) as this semester 50% of people in the unit got a pass mark for the mid semester exam. getting your marks up from the mid semester exam, TUTORIALS and practicals are key to not being overwhelmed and overloaded with content by the time the final arrives!! would recommend working consistently throughout the semester to pass the unit. ALSO USE KHAN ACADEMY FOR UNDERSTANDING CONCEPTS AND CONTENT. major hint: try to get Damien (or Robert) as your teacher for the tutorials as he makes the content easy to explain and goes through content in depth that you may not understand from lectures. Good luck with this unit!!!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

Lots of content to get through for this subject. A lot of people seemed to find the mid-semester exam challenging so make sure you study for that!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017