Principles of Human Physiology

Cindy L. Stanfield

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Principles of Human Physiology, Global Edition

Cindy L. Stanfield

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The physiology colouring book

Kapit, Macey and Meisami

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Principles of Human Physiology

Cindy L. Stanfield

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Concise Neurophys Notes

Written by Ellie

Weeks 1-13 of Neurophysiology content condensed into as few pages as possible without losing importa...

42 pages, 10780 words


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Bit of a dry subject, if you have a choice - choose Systems Physiology (BIOL247). Practicals for me (and my prac class) were pretty useless, the tutors didn't really do much except stand at the front whilst we worked through worksheets. In saying this, members in the other class thoroughly enjoyed practicals and their tutors, so it's really a hit-and-miss. Only thing I can recommend, if you find your tutor is not helpful the first week, change whilst you can. Also, keep up with all the work as there is a fair amount of content in this subject. Past papers can vary substantially for this subject so don't rely on them as a major study tool.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

Very interesting subject. Most of the content is fairly straight forward, but, you have to spend a lot of time memorising it, especially the anatomy side of things. Make sure to do the past exams, hint.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014

I found it so super interesting, and yes it's certainly a challenging unit but the things you learn are amazing! A LOT of content, so stay on top of it weekly and ACTUALLY REVISE weekly-ish.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016