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Exam Summary Notes

Written by Lachy

Final exam summary notes covering all of the key assessable components of the course. Couldn't have...

10 pages, 2160 words


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Last year Biological Sciences student at Macquarie with an excellent GPA (6.72 out of 7.0) and 4+ ye...


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I am currently studying a Bachelor of advanced science. My teaching style is based on complete compr...


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Hi! I have recently finished my bachelors of Marine Biology looking to complete a masters of educ...


Course subject is interesting and engaging. Excursion to Smiths Lake is fun - depending on the weather - TAKE TONNES OF WET WEATHER GEAR and if you can help it, don't camp. It'll rain and you will get flooded. Otherwise great subject. Kath is a great lecturer and makes the subject fun and easy to understand

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015