Cognitive Psychology

E. Bruce Goldstein

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Cognitive Psychology

E. Bruce Goldstein

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PSY2COG Revison Notes

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PSY2COG - Subject Summary

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This unit will provide you with an introduction to the scientific study of human information processing. It will cover (i) the central theories and issues in perception and cognition, (ii) the processes involved in acquiring, storing, retrieving and using knowledge, and (iii) some of the real-world applications of cognitive psychology. This unit will enable students to: - Develop understanding of human cognitive processes, and the means by which they can be studied experimentally; -Develop an in-depth, critical understanding of research in cognitive psychology, including: perception, memory, language, problem solving and creativity, thinking and reasoning, psychology and the law; -Develop understanding of the strengths and limitations of the information-processing approach, and how it applies to human functioning in the real world.

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