Core Tax Legislation and Study Guide

Stephen Barkoczy

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Australian Taxation Law 2015

Robin Woellner, Stephen Barkoczy, Shirley Murphy, Chris Evans, Dale Pinto

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HD 3106AFE Revenue Law Notes - With Sample Answers

Written by Nick

I achieved a mark of 92/100 (High Distinction) in Revenue Law in 2016. I must say I owe it all to th...

40 pages, 28494 words

Revenue Law Final Exam Notes

Written by Gareth

These are the notes that I brought into the final exam with me. It covers the 2nd half of the co...

35 pages, 19007 words

Revenue Law

Written by Amanda

I have created my own Revenue Law templates and answer guides which are very comprehensive, and incl...

39 pages, 25096 words


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This is a horrible course, if not for it being a requirement of my degree I would have dropped it. I found the whole thing to be very badly organised. Being tax legislation the content is very dry and the lecturer made no effort to make it more interesting. Also major content overload, we were given at least 4-5 different documents every week (as well as text book readings) which contained so many double ups of information and information we didn't need. The tutorials were helpful however there was so much content that there was not enough time to take all the notes and the answers were not provided online. Restricted amounts of notes were allowed in the exam, this was useful although I would have much rathered being able to take on the $150 textbook I purchased specifically for this course. The midsem was relatively easy however the final exam was much harder than anything we had been prepared for. I wouldn't recommend doing this course if you don't have to.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014