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Property 2 Notes

Written by Patricija

WEEK 1: Introduction and Boundaries to Land WEEK 2: Formalities and Creation of Estates in Land W...

34 pages, 19317 words

Property Two Exam Notes

Written by Megan

Weekly Exam Notes for Property Two

49 pages, 19397 words

Property Law 2 Final Exam Notes

Written by Nali

Comprehensive answer guides created for the final exam. Inclusive of readings from various textbook...

66 pages, 27545 words


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The course was very heavy. It contained a crazy amount of content, thus I would recommend trying to understand each weeks content as it happens as it is so much to go over nearing the end of semester. I saying this Alan was extremely helpful if assistance was needed. The exam was however ridiculously difficult which will hopefully be changed next year as from my understanding many people struggled with it.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015