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$40 per hour

I am currently completing my third year of a Bachelor of Psychology with Honours at Griffith Univers...


The course is very unorganized. don't trust the convener and tutors about the promises they make at the start of the course. they will tell you anything to keep you in it. People who allocate the internships are very lazy and don't do anything unless you go to them and force them into it. Sometimes they try to force you into an internship that you don't want. the preference system is basically just for show. the internship I was given (not my preference) was with an organization with a supervisor so busy they wouldn't answer emails or sign assignments for weeks.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

I signed up to the course the first day that I could and somehow didn't receive any of my preferred internships. I got stuck with an internship that was totally unrelated to my degree. The people who run the course are extremely unorganised. i.e. couldn't be bothered to make sure all internships they offer fulfil the 50 required hours of experience, confusing assignment criteria that doesn't match the marked feedback criteria from assignments, would constantly get dates wrong, failing to note when a student had changed an internship and requesting feedback from the original supervisor. Tutors were unorganised as well, some were unfamiliar with the course content. It is recommended that the tutors complete an ethics course before making recommendations in assignment feedback in regards to working with vulnerable people.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

Was great experience internship. The course made me more aware of personal and professional traits and values. Not only did I gain valuable insight into community organisations but developed myself to become a better worker.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014